Washing Hair extensions-Choosing a shampoo

For those of you interested in getting more information about shampooing your hair extentions, the article below is for you.Came across the article and thought I would share with you guys.

The Best Shampoos for Hair Extensions
According to Christopher Rutman, an internationally-acclaimed extension artist and hair stylist, there is no perfect shampoo for hair extensions. However, certain types of shampoo should be avoided. Any shampoo with silicone or oils designed to make your hair shiny and smooth should not be used. These types of shampoos can make your hair extensions lose their "grip" on the rest of your hair and unbind from it.

Common Pitfalls

It can be very difficult to find shampoos that do not contain silicone or oils designed to soften your hair. The easiest way to find shampoos without silicones is to shop for an organic or all-natural shampoo. Because they only use products found in nature, there will not be any silicone in them. Be alert to waxes or oils in all-natural shampoos, as too much oil can damage extensions. Use shampoos meant for "normal" hair. You want one that will clean your hair gently without causing any damage. Do not buy products meant for damaged or dry hair. Those will over-moisturize the bonds on your extensions and can cause slippage.

Where To Buy

The best place to buy organic or all-natural shampoos is at a health food store, in the natural foods section of a grocery store, in the hair care products aisle in a large store or on the Internet. Amazon.com has a large selection of organic and all-natural shampoos available for purchase. It is the simplest website to navigate and to compare ingredients and prices. They also have recommended brands like Aubrey Organics and Kiss My Face.


Gretchen LeAnne, a hairstylist writing for Hairfinder.com, says, "Don't ruin your hair and/or extensions by trying to save a couple of dollars on the super cheap stuff." However, she also mentions that some high priced shampoos can be just as damaging. Talk with your stylist about what type of shampoo to purchase and then comparison shop on your own. An 11-ounce bottle of Aubrey Organics Blue Camomile Hydrating Shampoo for normal hair, for example, will cost $9.98 through the Aubrey Organics website. An 8.5 ounce bottle of Jason's Natural will cost $7.97 through their online store. Different prices are available at different times on Amazon.com.

Comparison Shopping

Discuss the best shampoo for your hair type with your stylist. He can best help you determine what types of shampoos you should look for in accordance with your hair type and your extensions.

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