caring for your hair while wearing a wig

Hi guys. If you're interested in how to care for your hair while wearing a wig, the article I ran across below is helpful. you may have different ideas about how to care for your hair,let us know by leaving a comment.
One of the things I love most about wigs for protective styling is the fact that I have access to my hair. I am still very much able to execute my hair care routine while protective styling with them, unlike with sew-ins and to some degree braids.

This is a rundown of my routine during the periods I spend wearing wigs.

  • Pre-poo - I do this once or twice each week with conditioners and/ or oils for about an hour.

  • Shampoo - every week or every other week depending on my hair needs. During this time, I am automatically inclined to use less product and the ones I do use are on the natural side like natural oils or conditioners without cones. Therefore, I evade product build-up, causing me to shampoo less frequently.

  • Deep condition - My normal routine would usually take this form - pre-poo->shampoo->deep condition, but since I often skip the shampoo step, there really isn't a need for the deep conditioning process, since the pre-poo (consisting of the same ingredients I'd use to DC) serves the same purpose. I simply seal my pre-poo DC with a regular conditioner, rinse and go.

  • Leave-ins - Tresseme moisture rich (rinse out) conditioner or none at all

  • M&S - I tend to do this once or twice a day, using water (or a water + aloe vera juice spritz), conditioner (regular or deep), and oil, in a way that resembles the LCO  method of moisturizing hair.

  • Baggy/ GHE - Since learning about the benefits of this, I have decided it will be a part of my regimen, but for some reason when my hair is loose I don't do it as often. When my hair is braided however, I do it at least 3 or 4 times each week, which is great as it keeps my hair moisturized (awesome in this weather) while acting as a growth aid.

One more thing, I learnt this trick from SistaWithRealHair. I saturate my ending braid with oil and then wrap it in cling film to keep it super moisturized until the next wash. I just use a bobby pin to secure it for the week.

Also, for the last few times that I have protective styled, I have passed on wig caps as I don't think they do my hair any good.

That's it!! I love how easy taking care of my hair is when I'm wearing wigs for a protective style. My wash weekend day routine takes very little time since there is no detangling, drying, styling etc for me to worry about. It's great.
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