Braiding your hair for a Sew in Remy hair extensions

If your looking to do your own install for you remy hair extension, here some information on how to braid your own hair. The article below has a few helpful tips of this. Hope its helpful for you.

 How to Part Your Hair for a Sew in Weave

While parting hair is usually a simple task, if you're getting ready for a sew in weave, the hair part assumes an important role. You're not just going to divide your hair into sections to make a style statement--you're going to prep the front half of your hair to be brushed back over the weave to help hide it, while the back half of your hair gets braided into cornrows so there is a stable surface to sew the weave to. This process is much easier if you enlist the help of a friend to do the cornrows.

1. Part your hair from ear to ear across the top of your head, separating the front section from the back. Twist the front section into a bun over your forehead and pin it in place, or secure it with a hair clip. This section will be left loose to help cover the weave later on.

2. Make a front-to-back part down the middle of your head--you will probably need someone else to do this and the following steps for you. Clip the hair on the right side of the part up out of the way on the right side of your head.

3. Make another part from front-to-back, about half an inch to the left of the middle part you just made, and running all the way from the original side-to-side part down to the nape of your neck. Clip all the extra hair to the left of this part up and out of the way on the left side of your head. Now you should have just one small section of hair, about half an inch wide, running down the back of your head.

4. Start braiding a cornrow by taking hair from only the top half-inch of the section you separated, right up against the original side-to-side part you made. Divide this small section of hair into three separate pieces. Braid two or three stitches--that is, make a pass with each of the three parts two or three times--then pick up hair from the next half inch down in this thin section and work it into the braid as part of the middle section of hair.

5. Continue working all the way down the section of hair you've isolated, incorporating hair from progressively lower parts of this section until you've woven all the way down to the ends of the hair. Secure with a small rubber band or hair tie.

6. Repeat the cornrow process: First isolate another half-inch section of hair from either the left or the right side of your head, behind the original side-to-side part. Then braid it into a cornrow. Continue until your entire head of hair, behind the side-to-side part, has been braided.

7.Tie all the cornrows into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. You're now ready for your sew in weave.


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