AIr Drying your remy hair extensions

If you want more information on air drying your remy hair extensions,see excerpts from an article below

Air drying hair your remy hair extensions is without doubt  the least damaging way to dry your hair. The problem many have with it is that it can take forever and a day (literally) especially as hair gets longer or if you have thick hair (whole head not individual strand). Here are some tips and tricks for you on how to get your hair to air dry super fast before you reach for the hair dryer:
1. Do not immediately apply a leave in or other finishing product to soaking wet hair
If you want your hair to dry fast, do not apply a ‘sealing’ product to soaking wet hair. You will need to first dry off any excess water from your hair. The oils leave ins and other finishing product form a layer around the hair and prevent/retard the loss of water from the surface of hair. Moisturising i.e trapping the moisture inside the hair strand, will be just as, if not more effective when you remove some of the water on the surface (meaning apply product to damp rather than soaking wet hair).
2. The old cotton t-shirt tip
Getting your hair from the wet stage to the damp state is easy. Instead of a traditional towel, find an old 100% cotton t-shirt or buy a high absorbency microfiber towel. These will soak up more water and as the surface of the cloth is smoother, there will be less friction between the cloth and your hair..
3. Gentle squeezing
The biggest mistake in drying is using a back and forth movement with your towel which causes more damage than if you simply followed the direction of the cuticle (i.e dry from root to tip and if you want to repeat, release and go back to the root. Also wrapping your whole head will help to get rid of dripping water but will not accelerate the drying process. You will need to instead wrap your t-shirt or towel around each section (if you section wash) and gently squeeze. You do not have to run the towel up and down the hair shaft, just squeeze, release and then move further down or to the next section. Always use dry portions of your towel or tshirt for maximum effectiveness. At the end of this stage you will be 50-60% dry and ready for sealing products.
4. Drying
It’s best to let your weave air dry (don’t towel dry either!), but if you must use a blow dryer start with the weft, then move to the ends and work your way up. Stick to the lowest heat setting possible when drying or using heated styling tools. Just like with natural hair, the heat can dry the weave hair and loosen the bond. Use a wide toothed comb for straight extensions and finger-style curlier weaves.
If you want your hair dry in under an hour, the only option is to use a hair dryer, but going through the steps above before using the hair dryer will help to reduce the heat level and amount of time.