Sewing Beehive pattern-Remy hair extensions

Here is an article that may be helpful with braiding your hair for your remy hair extensions.

How to Sew in a Net Hair Weave
By M.G. Kidd, eHow Contributor
Sewing in a net hair weave as opposed to sewing the hair directly onto your braided hair can protect your hair from the friction of the hair weave wefts during wearing and styling. It also helps your weave style to last longer by completely covering your hair. Another benefit is the ability to add more tracks in between your braids onto the net, creating a smooth, full hair weave style.
Things You'll Need
Ponytail Holder
Weaving Thread
Curved Weaving Needle
Wefted Synthetic or Human Hair
Mesh Wig or Weave Cap
Holding Hair Spray
1. Cornrow braid your hair into a beehive pattern. Begin at the nape (the back) and part the hair around the perimeter of your head about half an inch thick. Hold the hair in the middle with a ponytail holder. Braid your hair into a circle around your head. When you come to the end of the first braid, part another section of hair around the perimeter of your head. Connect the loose braid from the end of the first cornrow into your second braid and continue to braid around the perimeter of your head. Repeat this process until you have reached the last braid at the crown of your head.
2. Sew the last loose braid from your beehive pattern down along the side of the cornrow so that it lays flat onto the scalp. Use the same weaving thread and needle you will use to sew in your hair wefts.
3. Put the mesh wig or weaving net over your beehive pattern. Using the weaving thread and needle, sew the edge of the net onto the first braid completely around your hairline to hold it in place. If your mesh wig or weaving net has excess material at the crown of your head, cut the excess then sew the net closed. The net should be taut to your head before you begin sewing on the wefted hair weave.
4. Begin sewing the hair wefts onto your head by starting at the first cornrow along the perimeter. You can sew hair through the cornrows for stability, as the net will still serve as a barrier between your hair and the friction of the weft on the hair weave. Do not cut the wefts. Along the way, sew the weave directly onto the net over your parted scalp for a full look to your hair weave. You will sew the wefted hair weave around the same pattern of your beehive until you reach the end of your beehive at the center of your crown. Sew the opening closed as close as you can until it is completely covered.
5. Comb or brush the hair at the closing in the middle to flatten it and ensure there are no tracks showing. Once you have successfully hidden the tracks from the closure, spray the area with holding hair spray to hold the closure in place.
6. Cut and style the hair as desired.

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