Caring fpr your hair extensions

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Taking care of your hair extensions
When wearing hair extensions  to grow your hair. Wefted, otherwise known as weave  hair extensions should be used. This type of hair extension is stitched at the top. To apply the weave use the the sew-in method. This involves attaching the extensions to a cornrow base. You can then easily care for your hair underneath and it won't suffer damage from the weave. Ensure that neither the cornrows or weave wefts are  pulled tightly because tension can lead to hair loss. Wear the weave ideally for 2 months or 3 maximum.  Below are  general tips from preparing your hair for the weave, to washing and removal.
Basic Healthy Hair Regime for Sew-in Hair Extensions 
Before installation
Do a deep protein conditioning treatment to strengthen your hair.
Selecting your hair extensions
Whilst wearing your weave you will be washing it weekly and ideally hood drying it, so it is important to factor this in to your choice of hair extension. An extension that will withstand washing with minimal tangling is your ideal choice.
Human Hair Extensions
If you are selecting human hair extensions. The best way to ensure your weave is tangle free, is to wear a weave made from Virgin Remy  or Remy hair . As the cuticle  in this type of hair is left intact in this type of hair. You will find that it will be practically tangle free. This type of hair is of premium quality and cost more, however it is not unusual to find that you can reuse this type of hair.  So it could be viewed as being  more of an investment. 
Synthetic Hair
There are many choices with synthetics weaves from afro types to straight. Select your type and bear in mind the tangle factor.
Removal - 4 Essential steps
Detangle - Remove Wash Protein condition
  • Detangle- Always comb from tip to root and use a wide tooth comb.
  • Remove - Ensure you remove all shed hair and build up at root and comb before washing your hair. Your hair will matt if you don’t.
  • Wash - Use a clarifying shampoo.
  • Condition – Use deep protein condition
Rest and Re-application
Ideally let your hair have a rest from the weave for a week or two and in that time follow the healthy hair care regime for relaxed hair or natural hair. Before re-applying your weave, use a deep protein conditioning treatment to strengthen you hair.
 Avoiding breakage
If your hair was previously relaxed before applying the weave, as your hair grows  you will have two different textures of hair where the new growth meets the relaxer (demarcation line). To avoid breakage  when resting you hair work with the curly nature of the new growth and wear curly styles, use braid outs, twist/twist outs, chiney bumps (bantu knot outs to style you hair.Alternatively you could wet set in flat twists, wear a wig or cornrow your hair. Before re-applying your weave, use a deep protein conditioning treatment to strengthen you hair.
Weekly maintenance
Oil your scalp with coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.
Daily haircare
Use a braid spray on your cornrows to maintain moisture levels of your own hair.

Washing your hair extension

Products Required
  • Sulphate free shampoo diluted-1 part shampoo 4 parts water (in colour applicator bottle)
  • Moisturising conditioner diluted ( as above) in a colour applicator bottle 
  • Deep moisturising conditioner
  • Deep Protein conditioner
  • Natural oil- Coconut oil/Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Hood dryer- for Human hair extentions
Washing Your Weave 
 Do not pile the hair on top of your head when washing and try to use cool water. If the weave is long dividing it into 2 – 8 plaits prior to washing can help to minimise the  tangle factor! When running the water over your weave make sure the water pressure is low.
  • Apply shampoo to weave then smooth down the length with hands, press/squeeze them together enough to create a lather but do not scrunch and tangle hair.
  • Gently rinse hair
  • Condition the weave following the method above.
  • Gently squeeze excess water from weave with towel.
Washing Your hair

Concentrate on cleaning your scalp/cornrows. Be gentle,press in shampoo/conditioner and rub don’t scrub.make sure the water pressure is low when rinsing, you don't want to loosen your cornrows. 

Washing your hair under weave
  • Run water down the hair. Do not scrunch. 
  • Squirt diluted shampoo on to your cornrows, press shampoo into cornrows.
  • Rinse well
  • Squirt diluted conditioner on to cornrows press conditioner into cornrows
  • Rinse well
Drying –Very important!
 Your cornrows underneath your braids must be dry before you sleep on them, or your hair can mildew and smell!
  •  Hood drying your cornrows is the safest way to know they are dry - Human hair extensions only! 
  • For Synthetic hair try wash hair in the morning so you can allow your hair to air dry.