Tips for using clip in hair extensions

*Co wash – Basically instead of shampoo you use a conditioner and then wash the hair as you normally would. Be careful not to wet the metal clips however. This is a process gentler on the hair than shampooing and so extends the life of your extensions. Shampoo will still need to be done every now and again, however, especially when the hair starts to look a bit limp.

*Layer it- After figuring out what areas of the hair you want your pieces to be placed, for a more natural look it is best to have them layered

*Moisturize- Treat as your own hair, moisturize your hair, for virgin Brazilian hair extension, products with Argon oil are especially good

*As with any hair installment method, whether sew in, etc., I still recommend give your own hair a break every now and again to keep it healthy and its much easier and more convenient to do so with clip ins so remove them every now and again, when you don’t feel the need to be wearing them

*Hair can be deep conditioned every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking better for a longer period of time

* I find a tangle teezer brush is gentler on hair than regular combs and brushes and is just generally a good product to have to when dealing with both hair extensions or your own hair, takes out tangles without you losing a lot of hair strands, especially good for curly hair.