Body wave hair weaves/extensions tips

 -Be gentle with your body wave hair extensions, replace your regular hair brush/comb with a tangle teezer brush daily, your hair will last much longer
-one of the good features of  virgin remy body wave hair is that it holds a curl really well but it also straightens very nicely. When wet, a nice curl pattern is obtained which can be air dried to show off the nicely defined curls. The versatility allows you to change your styles very often. So go ahead use your blow dryer, and straighteners or curling wand out to mix it up but try to keep the heat exposure to about once or twice a week.

-Use hair products that contain Morroccan Argan Oil for use on your virgin hair extensions. It gives your extensions a very nice sheen

-If you do prefer to use flexi rods in the evening, you can use a conditioner and water mixture to your hair extension to obtain more defined curls that will last longer the next day. This mixture should be about 20% conditioner(one that contains Argan oil is best) to 80% water and placed in spray bottle. Spray some on the hair the use the flexi rods.

- If you like to wear your hair in tighter curls you can dampen the body wave hair with water and a little leave in conditioner and scrunch, then blow dry or let the hair air dry (air drying is much better for the hair) if you choose to blow dry use a little heat protector. This will really bring out the curls out.
-When shampooing your hair use a sulphate free shampoo, follow with your favorite moisturizing conditioner. The sulphate free shampoo cleans your hair well but is much gentler, it doesn’t strip your hair like those with sulphates, your hair will be left looking more moisturized and healthy.
-Deep condition your hair every 6 to 8 weeks