Milky way Saga Gold Remy Hair extension review

Looking at the hair straight out of the pack, it had a nice silky feel to it. The hair strands looked like they were all in one direction unlike the Milky way yaki. As you can see from the close up in the first picture below, the hair came in a set of two.

My intention was to just to sew in some tracks of this hair so I only bought a pack as that’s usually how much I need when  I do my hair like this. I had a problem when I went to different hairdresser and she was only able to do a full sew in. Now she claimed the one pack could still do, I was thinking is this woman crazy? One pack of hair for a full sew in? Normally I would have left and go somewhere else but I decided to take the risk because I was interested to know if it really could be done and also but mostly because was running short on time. After layering the hair and using all the tracks in the pack of hair and curling of the hair, I was surprised to see it looked good. I honestly thought it was gonna look really thin and horrible. I personally like hair to look full but not “extremely full”. If however you like your hair to look really thick and full though I’d suggest you get about two packs or more if you want it looking extremely full.

Wearing the hair
The first week of wearing it was very good, it kept its shine, felt silky, looked natural there was some shedding but it was minimal. I got a lot of compliment for the hair. On to week two, to me it felt noticeably less silky than the first week so I put a little leave in conditioner on it to get it back. Apart from that, there weren’t any other noticeable changes. In week three it started to look limp from product build up from the moisturizers I used when needed so I decided to wash it. I used a moisturizing shampoo( this one didn’t have any sulfates) and followed with a moisturizing conditioner. After drying, it came out feeling less silky than it did before but  once I flat ironed it, it felt better. It still looked good but I could tell there was a small difference this time. I’ll keep you guys posted as to how it going. Any questions, comments or suggestions can be left below.