Choosing a flattering sew in hairstyle for round faces

Before we talk about choosing a sew in hairstyle for round faces lets look at how to determine whether or not your face is round. If you measure the widest part of your face from ear to ear and also the longest part of your face (from forehead to chin) are about the same length, then you have a round face.

 For short hairstyles we want to create the volume at the top of the hair. This causes attention to be focused toward the top of the hair and this created the illusion of lengthening your face.

For medium/long hair length sew in weave hairstyle its best to keep your sew in hairstyle  length just below the chin or longer. this helps to minimize the look of roundness of your face, it has a slimming effect and makes it look more like an oval shape.

 No matter what hair length you choose for you hair weave style,you can also look at trying side swept bangs, these look great on women with round faces.Its best to choose an off the center part because center parts tend to make a round face look wider. Choose a side part instead. Long sideswept bangs look especially great, they also create a nice slimming effect.