Tips for curly hair weave hairstyles

Keep your curly sew in weave hair weaves looking good  by following these tips:

1.If the  hair starts to look  dry, you can spray with with some water, add some conditioner to improve the look and feel of the hair. Your hair will look healthier and glossier and more attractive.

2.For a longer lasting,more professional look , an appropriately sized curling iron from a curling iron stove is used to have the hair curled

3.For a  partial hair weave, style can be kept even longer by spraying some spritz on the section of your hair that is left out for blending with your weave. just be sure not to do this too often as alcohol is the most common ingredient and if used too much will become dry, brittle and damaged over time.

4.Non-remy hair is coated with silicones that its has an attractive sheen but once washed the coating is washed away and the hair is left looking dull. Remy hair is a better option if the hair will be kept in for a long time(more than a month.

5.To wash the  human hair weave its best to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner so as to lessen stripping of the hair as much as possible.Follow by adding your choice of moisturizer. For a  tighter curl pattern you can wet the hair, take teach curls apart and brush with wide bristles or just brush wider sections for the natural curl pattern to come out

6. To dry your hair you can use a blow dryer on low-medium setting or you can use a blow dryer

7.Keep you hair looking fresh by ensuring that before you  go to bed you cover it  with a  silk scarf so as to protect your hair from becoming dry and brittle which will lead to damage.

8.Gently comb your hair with a wide tooth comb if there are knots