Straight sew in hair weave tips

Follow these tips to improve the look of your straight sew in hair weave tip:

1. If its a human hair weave, use a flat iron for hair to have a smoother look and to get rid of the fly- aways

2. For a partial hair weave you can use some styling gel/hair jam on your own hair for a very straight look and to keep the hair styled as it is.

3. After styling, to keep the style in place you can also use some spritz on the hair to keep the hair looking good. Most normally contain drying alcohols so be sure not to use it too often.

4. To blend your hair with the weave, it is important to,as much as possible, have the hair weave matches the texture and sheen of your hair so that it can look natural.

5. Wrap the hair weave at night ,if possible, to lessen the need for heat styling the next morning. The heat will damage the weave and over time, will cause it dryer and less attractive than it was before

6. Moisturize your own braided hair daily so that it will be in good condition after  the weave has been removed.