Sensationnel Goddess Remi hair extension review

Sensationnel Goddess Hair weave pictures

Sensationnel Goddess remy, another of my favorite BSS remy hair brands. This hair costs about $70/pack. . As usual, I chose the yaki ,10", #2 hair weave, as I wanted hair that blends well with my relaxed hair. The quality hair you get for the price is very good. I like to flat iron hair weaves I buy fairly often and this one acutually looked a lot better than othe brands I've tried when I ready to take it out, it still looked good.  Though I exposed it to lots of heat, I tried to otherwise take care of the hair . I would detangle the hair the washed with a sulfate-free shampoo weekly so as to prevent stripping and followed with moisturizing conditioner. I followed with a leave in conditioner then air dryed the hair extensions. Additionally I  also deep conditioned every month. Each night, I either braided it loosely or wrapped it before putting on a satin cap at night, this helped to prevent tangling and frizzing. The hair didn't shed much but I know some persons seal the hair to lessen the shedding even more. If your planning to wear the hair for a very long time then you may want to consider sealing in that case, but I didn't find it necessary.

Sensationnel goddess hair weave pictures