Indian Remy hair extension guide-How to take care(maintain) of remy hair

Taking care of Indian remy hair weaves

Remy medium length hair extension picture

Daily care of Indian remy hair- Caring for your remy hair weave is necessary to keep it looking good as long as you can. Each day you can choose to apply either a heat protectant,light moisturiser or small amount of oil. Some  prefer not to apply any product to the hair but I have better results when a heat protectant is used. After this, hair must each day be combed/ brushed through to ensure that is detangled.It should be combed then wrapped with a silk scarf at night to prevent the hair from becoming frizzy and less prone to having tangles in the morning.

Weekly Care of Indian remy hair weaves

Hair should be washed weekly with a moisturising shampoo followed by a moisturising conditioner. You can also skip the shampoo and just cowash the hair. Just try not to use  a shampoo with sulfate as it will strip the remy hair. A deep conditioning treatment can be applied eith weekly ,every two weeks or even montly if you prefer. After washing that out, a leave in conditioner should be applied and then your Indian remi hair should be air dried.