How to seal hair extension wefts

 Sealing your hair  extension wefts-why should you do it?

Usually hair extension sealing is done when shedding is a problem so sealing is done to make it  more .Usually sealing is done in cases such as when the hair weft is not double stitiched and sheds a lot. This tends to be the case when hair weft is cut before intallation  and the hair starts to fray at the ends where the hair is cut. In any case where you want your hair to shed less you can look into sealing the hair wefts.Even with regular brushing, detangling shedding of the hair tends to take place. So if hair extension shedding is something you would like to reduce or eliminate, sealing should be a consideration.

How to seal hair weave wefts
sealing is done usually before installation of the hair. Popular sealers include Allene's stop fraying, Hair extension 101 sealer and the extensions plus sealer. Many of these sealers can be bought online. The sealers mentioned are thicker that sealers some of the sealers which are usually used for fabrics. Sealers such as fray check. Because its thick the sealant is more effective on hair extensions. An orange stick can be used to apply a thin layer of the sealant to the part of the hair weft which is sewn.The instructions of the sealant will tell how long you should wait before the hair dries. It normally takes about 3-4hours before the sealant dries.However the hair will need about 5 days before you can actually get it wet. You can apply sealant to both sides of the sew portion of the hair piece, if you would like but I usually find that doing one side does a good enough job.