Hair Weave Instructions-Hair weave instructions

Shampooing your hair weave

The BSS hair weave usually contains a coating which leaves after being washed causing the hair to look dull and becoming more prone to tangles and matting. This is another reason to get Remi hair as this hair weave will be less prone to these problems.When shampooing you hair weave, Get the entire hair weave wet and pay particular attention to the hard to reach areas whre your own hair is braided beneath the hair weave .Pour some shampoo into your hands and lather. Ensure shampoo gets to the areas between braids under your hair weave. Massage the shampoo between the braids and work into a lather with the pads of the fingers using smaill cicular motions to stimulate growth. Continue until you cover all the sections of the head. Move on to the hair weave tracks , add shampoo in the palms of the hand, distibute throughout your hair weave. rinse thoroughly . Usually shampooing your hair weave twice is enough but if your hair is very dirty you can swash it more.Keracare has a line dedicated to hair weaves with a shampoo,conditioner and leave- in conditioner otherwise salon quality shampoo brands such as Nexxus, Redken can be considered for use.

Glue In hair weave (Quick Weave)

Glue in hair weave also called a quick weave is the most inexpensive and least time consuming way to put your hair weave. It usually takes no more than a few hours to put in a quick hair weave. The drawback with this hair weave type, however, is the damage that come with its use. The glued wefts of hair tend to move out of place from the scalp and on to your own hair over time. Upon trying to remive this weft some of your hair sometines get entangled and may unintentionally be ripped out with your hair. It is therefore very important that a good remover or lubricant is used when removing the hair weave.

Partial glue-in (quick) hair weave

Part a 1'' section of hair at the nape of the neck,Place some glue on the weft(the sewn portion) of the hair weave and place it directly on the scalp. Clip away the rest of the hair so it doesn't get in the way.A 1' section above that should be parted and the process of placing the hair weave repeated. Continue to section the hair like this until you reach the front of the hair, the last hair weave should be placed 1'' behind the hair line.

Sew in your hair weave

Separate a 1'' circular section of hair around the head. Hair that is above this section should be sectioned by using a clip to hold it together so it wont be in the way.
Braid the parted section into a cornrow track. The braid should besmall and flat so the hair weave dosent loo bulky. The end of the braided hair should then be sewn onto another setion of the braid so it dosent hang off. To sew the braid unto the hair: thread the hair needle and tie the ends of the thread together into a knot, push the needle into the front section of the braid and continue through to the back of the braid(be careful not to push the needle into the scalp) . To secure you can push the needle through the section 2 or 3 more times. To sew on the the hair weave onto the hair place the hair around the braid to measure the length of track you will need to cover it and cut it at that length. Place this track on top of the braid and sew the hair weave track onto the braided hair in a similar manner to the way the hair was sewn onto the braid. After sewing that track onto the braid, part hair 1' above that braid and sew a measured track of hair weave onto it. Continue to do until all your hair is braided and hair weave tracks are sewn onto it. The hole which is left by the last braid should have a closure piece. You can make your own closure piece by rolling hair weave track like a cinammon roll and sewing it together at the weft. You can then place this in the opening left by the braid by placing glue on the hair weave weft and placing it into the opening or you can sew the hair weave closure onto the braid.

Synthetic hair weave and Human hair weave

This hair is made from synthetic fibres, it shouldn't be curled or colored doing so will result in negative changes in the appearance of the hair. Synthetic hair weaes are cheaper than the human hair weave but dosen't usually look as realistic as human hair weave, however, there are some that come close to the look of human hair. Human hair is usually more often suggested for use over synthtic fibres. It has the ability to be cut and colured in a style you would like. However it isn't usually recommended that you color your hair weave and if you do get a stylist to do it.

Taking care of your hair weave

A sew in hair weave should be washed once a week as described above in the section on shampooing hair weaves. For styling a straight human hair weave a flat iron can be used and for a curly style a curling iron can be used. A wig/weave spray can be used for shine.Products that can be used in a curly hair weave include the curly noodle. Your hair can be wrapped for straight styles.For synthetic hair you can wash it use follow with a little conditioner and dry with low heat . A wig/weave spray can be used for shine and a detangler can be used to make the hair more managable. To take care of ponytails use a gentle shampoo or one made specifically for hair weavs/wigs after which you can brush the hair into place.

Clip in hair weave

Part hair 1" above the nape of the neck horizontally from ear ro ear. Choose a hair weave clip that is the closest in width as your part. Open the comb clips attach the middle clip irst to the middle section of your part and then close that section. After this you can do the same thing with the clips on the left and rightsides. Comb the hair over to cover the clip. Repeat these steps with parts in the middle of the head , the side of the head and a few inches from the front of the hair.

Coloring your human hair weave

Buy a hair weave in the ligtest shade of blonde you can get. Then color with a semi permanent or demi permanent hair dye , for vibrant colours you can try the manic panic hair dye

Popular hair weave hairstyles with colors

  • Level 3- The hair color in this weave is moves from dark-light-dark and is right now only available in the Milky way brand

Piano colors-

Blocks of hair contrasting color are placed side by side each other in the hair weave.

#1 - Jet Black
#1B -Off Black
#2 - Dark Brown
#4 - Medium Brown

#22,24-Light blonde
#27 - Light Auburn
#30 - Medium Auburn
#33 - Dark Auburn

#118- Burgundy
#613-Bright light blonde
Manufacturers commonly use the following lettering with a hair weave:
FS- Frosted-(subtle highlights, the overall hair color is able to be kept)
HL- Highlight
M- Mixed Color (equal amount of base color and highlight color)
P- Piano Blend-(Blocks of hair the weave are ofcontrasting color and are side by side)
TT- Two Tone(the colour at the top half of the hair weave is different from that at the bottom half)
Tp- Tipped Color (the ends of the hair weave are a different colour from the hair above it)
S- Streaked
L- Layer

Invisible strand/Fusion Hair Weave

Invisible strands the hair weave strands are individually attached to your own hair using a needle and thread.With fusion, the hair weave strands are added using have a sealant such as melted keratin or some type of glue is applied to strands of hair with a glue gun.These techniques can be costly (it varies but its usually somewhere around $2000-4000) . When your hair weave is put in using fusion or invisible strand it can last for about 8 month to a year but it is usually recommended that you remove it after 3 months. Removal of these hair weave types can be very difficult and much damage to the hair can be caused if not done properly so it is recommended that you leave it to your hair stylist.

Remy hair weave and Beauty Supply store (BSS) hair weave

Remy hair weave is a premium human hair weave the cuticles are kept in tact and are in one direction. BSS hair weaves are usually of a lower quality, exposed to an acid bath and the cuticles do not lie in the same direction. To give the hair weave sheen lost during chemical processing the hair is coated with silicones. Once this coating has been removed by washing the hair the hair becomes dull looking and proned to tangling. This dosen't happen as much with Remy hair as it hadn't been exposed to as much processsing as BSS hair.

Virgin hair weave vs. Non-Virgin hair weave

Virgin hair weaves have been exposed to no chemical treatment or colour and so tends to be relatively expensive. Non virgin hair weave on the other hand has been exposed to chemical treatment.