Hair extension/ techniques-Hair extension/ techniques information

Hair weave techniques

*Sew -in Weave

One of the most popular ways of weaving hair. Wefted hair pieces are braided into cornrows and then wefts of hair are sew in onto the braids using a hair needle and thread. It is less damaging to the hair than the glue-in technique. Usually 1-2 packs of hair are required for this type of weaving and can take a few hours to be completed but can last about 8-12 weeks. Hair may become thin, brittle and damaged from doing sew-in weaves to improve the look, see a For further instruction on how to sew-in weave out this technique, sew-in hair weave, how to take care of your weaves.
*Glue-in (Quick) Weaves air w

Your hair is parted in the weave style, and glue is applied to the sewn portion of hair pieces (wefts) and then placed on the scalp between the sections which are parted. Glue-in weaves aren't usually kept in for more than a few days as it tends to cause breakage to the hair. For a more natural look, only a partial weave is recommended for this type of weaving.


Hair is parted and the wefts are individually sewn onto the clients own hair. The clients own hair will be left out above and below this weft which allows it to be covered.

*Fusion hair weave techniques
Hair strands are bonded to hair with a waxy bonding material, using a special heat appliance.

Choosing your hair weave

If you are doing a full hair weave you don't have to worry about your hair blending in with the weave as none of your hair will be showing, but if you choose a partial (open) weave, for it to look natural, you should try to get a weave that best matches your own hair colour and texture. You can use colour charts to get an idea of the hair weave number of the colour that matches your own hair. If you have or want to get a partial weave which doesn't match your own hair, to make it look natural, change the look of your own hair to match the weave. For example, you can change the colour or maybe curl your own hair if your hair is straight and the weave is a curly hair weave

How to care for your hair while your wearing your hair weave

Daily care of hair weaves

*Add some hair product to your weave which adds shine and controls frizz
*If you wear a human hair weave, you can use a flat iron to improve the look of a straight weave and a curling iron to improve the look of a curly weave

*Don't keep it in for more than a few days, glue-in extensions are more prone to damage your own hair than options such as sew-in
*Brush hair weave gently from ends to roots
*Ensure glue does not get onto your own hair as it will cause breakage
Weekly Care of your hair weave

*Your hair needs to be washed to remove oil and debris from the scalp, which will make it harder for the oils to reach the scalp
*Apply a gentle shampoo between the tracks of your hair weave, massage the scalp rinse with warm water. Next apply the conditioner.
*Apply between the tracks of the hair weave and rinse thoroughly with cold water. You can then repeat the steps using your conditioner.
*Follow up by spraying some leave in conditioner between the tracks. Use a hooded dryer to dry the hair on the low-medium setting .
*Ensure your hair is completely dry to prevent a foul smell from being developed.

How to take care of hair that left out of an open (partial) hair weave

*Prevent breakage from dry hair by applying hair oils as needed to your braids underneath the hair weave . Oils such as Shea butter and Carrot Oil.
*Apply shampoo and conditioner as indicated in the section above. Remember to apply leave in to your hair that is left out after shampooing and conditioning.

Removing glue in hair weave tracks

Many people practice just pulling the quick hair weave from the scalp and very often, along with it, goes some of their own hair. To reduce this type of hair breakage, you need to provide some sort of lubrication above and below each hair piece before you remove it. Some ways to remove it include: products available commercially to remove glue from a quick hair weave called bond remover or you can use baby oil or some conditioner, as a lubricant but wont be quite as effective.

Removing a sew-in hair weave

Tracks can be removed by using a razor or pair of scissors to carefully cut the thread that link the track to the braid . It is important that this be done with care as you don't want to cut your own hair.

Hair weave damage-How to treat hair damaged by sew in and quick hair weave

Due to a lack of moisture, hair tends to get dry and damaged while wearing a hair weave so if this happens you should carry out a deep conditioning treatment each week, apply heat for 10-15 minutes.even better results. To further strengthen the hair, you can apply a leave in conditioner each night before putting on your satin cap . Another point to note is that, you don't have to get your hair cut after taking out the weave but have it trimmed to get rid of the split ends damaged by the hair weave.Try also to minimize the amount of heat you use on your hair as much as possible and teat you weaker, more brittle strands with extreme care, brush and comb hair only when necessary, try to just use your hands to touch up if your hair gets messy. Hair weave damage will take time to recover from, you will need to be patient, your hair will not likely change dramatically after a week of the regiment but you will see improvements each week.Your hair will eventually look significantly better. The time it takes, however, to reach that point depends on the amount of damage that has been done, the more damage from the hair weave, the longer the time it will take to get the hair looking healthy again.
To prevent/lessen damage to your own hair, don't wear your hair weave all the time, take breaks. Try to alternate between wearing hair weaves and your natural hair.

Some common terms associated with hair weaves:

Wefted Hair and Bulk Hair

Both the sew- in and glue- in(quick) hair weave require wefted hair. Wefted hair consists of strands of hair which are sewn together at one end by machine or hand, and can be referred to as a hair track. Bulk hair consists of strands which are loose, not sewn together and is mostly used for braiding, not for a hair weave.

Remy and non -Remy hair

Remi hair contains the cuticles which run in the same direction while it is the opposite case with non-remy hair. Due to this fact, a remy hair weave tends to tangle a lot less and lasts longer than non-remy hair but is however, more expensive.

Synthetic hair weave and Human Hair Weaves
Synthetic hair weave tracks are made from synthetic fibers and are less expensive than buying human hair weave tracks. A synthetic hair weave doesn't last as long as a human hair weave. It also cannot be colored and heat should not be applied to it, all of which can be done to a human hair weave. A human hair weave is also more realistic looking than a synthetic weave, however, they also shed more. The human hair weave also tends to get proned to tangles and matting after washing. The number of washes it takes to reach this state depends on the brand.

Full sew in (closed) BoldHair Weave and Partial sew in (open) Hair Weave

In a full sew in hair weave all your hair is braided into cornrows then hair weave tracks are sewn on to it. You wont have to worry about blending your own hair with it as none of your own hair will be exposed. However, a full hair weave is more costly than a partial hair weave as more tracks of hair are used and more work is needed to complete it. With a partial hair weave about and inch or 2 of your own hair is left out while the rest of the hair is braided and wefts of hair on to those braids. If you do a partial weave, however, your own hair and the hair weave must match for it to look natural.

Hair Weave Hairstyles (How to):

*Ponytail hair weave hairstyles

Ponytail hair weaves hairstyles are less time consuming, less expensive and longer lasting than putting in sewn-in hair weave hairstyles or glued in hair weave hairstyles , ponytail hair weaves are a great alternative hairstyle. Here's how to put in a ponytail hair weave:

- Place your own hair into a ponytail. The most popular ways to wear ponytail hair weave hairstyles is in the middle of your head but you can also go for placing your ponytail hair weave at the nape of the neck.

- If your ponytail hair weave comes with a comb, place the front comb at the top of your ponytail hair and insert the back comb of the ponytail hair weave to the back

-If your ponytail hair weave has a drawstring, ensure the string is on the outside of the combs before putting it in place

- Pull on the string to allow your pony tail hair weave to be more secure

-Wrap the string around your hair

-Tuck the string inside the ponytail hair weave so that it can't be seen

How to sew in a hair weave hairstyles with a side or middle part

You will need: 1/2 packs of hair, scissors, hair thread, curved hair needle

*Wash and dry your hair then part your hair at the front, wherever you would like your part to be. Then behind that, part about 1-2'' of hair to cover the hair pieces that you will sew in. Clip that section of hair so it doesn't get in the way

*Part the rest of the hair straight back into a section of about 0.5" in width. Next, cornrow (braids) that section of hair and repeat this step the for the rest of the hair(except for the hair that has been placed in the clip)

*Gather all the hair ends together and place them at the top of the head and sew them onto the cornrows below it using your knotted sewing thread and needle

*Place a hair piece horizontally across the bottom section of the cornrows and make a measurement of the width of hair need to completely go across the braids . When you have found the right width cut the hair piece

*Place the hair piece across the cornrow and use your hair needle and thread to sew the sewn portion of the hair weave onto your braided hair.

*Repeat the last step until all hair (except the section been placed in a clip) has been covered by a hair piece. you can leave a space of about a 0.5 ' between each hair piece that you sew

*Remove the clip and style your hair to blend into the hair weave. for example, if your hair weave is straight you can use a flat iron to straighten your hair so it looks like the hair weave.
**Tip: The longer the hair weave the more packs of hair you will need to prevent the hair from looking too thin. Hairstyles using hair weaves longer than about 10" will definitely require at least 2 packs of hair.

How to sew in hair weave hairstyle with bangs

Step 1:

Part about 1-2 inches of hair from the entire hairline, in a circular manner. Hair in the middle should be separated, this can be done by using a clip
Step 2:
Cornrow the hair at the hairline in a circular pattern around the head
Step 3:
Create one two other circular cornrows inside of the one just created. Cornrows should be flat and thin to reduce bulk.
Step 4:
Place the weft over the braid and sew with threaded hair needle (the thread should be knotted) with stitches about ½ - 3/4 inches long. Cut weft when you have reached one horizontal section.
Step 5:
Continue this up to the ears and then around in a complete circle until the entire head is complete and none of the cornrows underneath are showing. For the last cornrow, leave about a 1 inch opening in the middle.
Making your hair weave closure :

Step 6:
Roll a track into a circle like a cinnamon roll then sew the base together using a sewing needle with a knotted hair thread.
Place this in the 1 inch opening of your hair weave and either place glue around the sewn portion of the track. at the base or sew it completely around.
To get a more natural and polished look, have your hair weave razor cut (layered), preferably by a hair stylist, it makes a world of difference.