Sew-in hair weave-How to sew in hair weaves with bangs

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How to sew in hair weave with bangs
Step 1:

Part about 1-2 inches of hair from the entire hairline, in a circular manner. Hair in the middle should be separated, this can be done by using a clip

Step 2:
Cornrow the hair at the hairline in a circular pattern around the head

Step 3:
Create one two other circular cornrows inside of the one just created. Cornrows should be flat and thin to reduce bulk.

Step 4:
Place the weft over the braid and sew with threaded hair needle (the thread should be knotted) with stitches about ½ - 3/4 inches long. Cut weft when you have reached one horizontal section.
Step 5:
Continue this up to the ears and then around in a complete circle until the entire head is complete and none of the cornrows underneath are showing. For the last cornrow, leave about a 1 inch opening in the middle.
Making your hair weave Closure

Step 6:

Roll a track into a circle like a cinammon roll then sew the base together using a sewing needle with a knotted hair thread.

Place this in the 1 inch opeining of your hair weave and either place glue around the sewn portion of the track. at the base or sew it completely around.

To get a more natural and polished look, have your hair weave razor cut (layerd), preferably by a hair stylist, it makes a world of difference.