Making your hair weave look natural-Black Hair Weaves

If you are getting an open/partial hair weave:

*Use a colour chart to match the prospective hair weave to your own hair colour. This is important step in having a natural hair weave, one of the most common mistakes made is having a hair weave with colour much different than their own hair colour. Many black women who have not colored their hair the 1B color code matches their hair color.

*The texture of the hair hould match your own hair so if your hair is straight , a curly hair weave wouldnt be a good choice unless you will curl your own hair to match the hair weave. If your hair is relaxed, be careful, hair weave that are very straight will look less natural as your own hair texture changes to a curlier one the longer you have gone without a relaxer

*If you want a completely different style, color or texture a full /closed hair weave would be best. With this type of hair weave all your natural hair is covered by the hair weave, so you can choose almost any style you desire