Black hairstyles-How to microbraid hair

1st method-

*Part off the amount of your own hair you want in a braid. make sure your bulk hair (human or synthetic) is laid out nice and neat or have the person whose head you are braiding be in charge of handing you pieces of bulk hair.

*The hair you parted out is section 1, bend the bulk hair in the middle (or at any point if you want longer or layered hair) and the 2 parts of the bulk hair make 3 total parts.

*Hold the "head" hair in one hand and drape the bulk hair over it. It may take a few times to get the hang of it but once you do you will know exactly what Im talking about.

*Make sure to keep things tight and for an underhand braid, take part 1 of bulk hair and cross it under part 2 of bulk hair (holding "head" hair tight) then cross "head" hair under part 1 of bulk hair, cross part 2 of bulk hair under "head" hair, cross part 1 of bulk under part 2 of bulk hair and keep going as a normal braid.

2nd method- more difficult but some prefer this method.

*Start the same way by parting off the amount of your own hair you want in the braid. Take the bulk hair and fold in the middle (just like 1st method and make sure to keep your finger under the fold to keep 2 halves seperate.

*Now, seperate 1 part of the bulk hair into 2 parts so you have 3 parts of bulk hair. Lay it over the "head" hair where the middle part of bulk hair is on top of the "head" hair.

*You need to practice quite a bit but eventually will get the hang of it. Now you just start braiding the same as method 1.

*Each individual will invent their own little method that works best for them regarding finger placement and holding the hair.
To seal the braid: If you are working with short hair and braid just past the "head" hair, you can do a slopknot technique taking 2 VERY thin pieces of hair and tying them. That simple.

*You can also use nail glue and dab a very small amount where you stopped braiding. This works good because you cant see it and really holds the braid.

*If you want more of a individual braid style and want the braid to go all the way to the end, you can burn it (synthetic hair only) or use a nifty little invention called the braid sealer.

* It is a little tool that you basicly just clamp onto where you want the braid sealed and it cuts it and seals it all in one step for nice neat ends.

*If your braids are really small you can just leave them be and they usually stay put nicely but be sure to braid quite a ways past the "head" hair to make sure they dont unravel completely off. See this youtube video for more instructions
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See this youtube video for more instructions

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