How to sew in hair weaves

This method is best for hairstyles with a side or middle parted section:

You will need:1/2 packs of hair, scissors,hair thread, curved hair needle

*Wash and dry your hair then part your hair at the front, wherever you would like your part to be. Then behind that, part about 1-2'' of hair to cover the hair pieces that you will sew in. Clip that section of hair so it doesn't get in the way

*Part the rest of the hair straight back into a section of about 0.5" in width. Next, cornrow(braids) that section of hair and repeat this step the for the rest of the hair( except for the hair that has been placed in the clip)

*Gather all the hair ends together and place them at the top of the head and sew them onto the cornrows below it using your knotted sewing thread and needle

*Place a hair piece horizontally across the bottom section of the cornrows and make a measurement of the width of hair need to completely go across the braids . When you have found the right width cut the hair piece

*Place the hair piece across the cornrow and use your hair needle and thread to sew the sewn portion of the hair weave onto your braided hair.

*Repeat the last step until all hair (except the section been placed in a clip) has been covered by a hair piece. you can leave a space of about a 0.5 ' between each hair piece that you sew

*Remove the clip and style your hair to blend into the hair weave. for example, if your hair weave is straight you can use a flat iron to straighten your hair so it looks like the hair weave.

*To get a more natural and polished look, have your hair razor cut (layerd), preferably by a hair stylist, it makes a world of difference.

**Tip: The longer the hair weave the more packs of hair you will need to prevent the hair from looking too thin. Any hair longer than about 10" will definitely require at least 2 packs of hair.