Massage Scalp to grow your hair while wearing hair weave

Massaging your scalp while you are wearing your hair weave stimulates blood flow to to the hair follicles. This means there will be an increase in oxygen and nutrients to your hair and this therefore leads to increased rate of hair growth . To get better results from massaging you can use oils to decrease the amount of dead or dry skin cells present which can inhibit hair growth. Recomended oils include:

*Rose hip seed oil- helps prevent hair loss and adds strength and elaticity to hair strand

*Peppermint oil- gives the scalp a tingly feeling ,temporarily relieving itching scalp. Stimulates blood flow to the scalp

*Rosemary oil-helps to stimulate new hair growth while also inhibitng the hair shedding process

*Coconut Oil- helps to stop hair shedding

*Jojoba oil- oil very similar to your oils produced by your body( sebum)

The Right way to Massage your Hair

*Apply one of the oils to your scalp

*Using fingertips to make small circles, start along the temples, near the arteries on either side of your head. then move toward the front .

*Using the same small circular motions move to the middle and then back of the head

*Repeat this exercise , twice a day for 5 minutes each time.