Hair Wigs

You maybe tired of wearing your current hairstyle and want to a try different one but you don’t want to damage or your own hair. Maybe you want to conceal a botched haircut. or some horrible bald patches Whatever the reason, wigs are a good way to get that perfect-looking hair you’ve always wanted. Here we have tips so you can make them look natural, maintain and put them on, the right way.

Types of wigs

Human vs. Synthetic hair
Human hair, though more expensive, looks a lot more natural than synthetic hair so it is definitely worth the money. You can cut, color and style this like your own hair. To make it look more natural though go to a stylist to have it cut and styled to suit your face. Human wigs last for a shorter time than synthetic wigs but you can extend the life with the tips on how to maintain it.

Processed vs. unprocessed hair
Processed hair has already been chemically altered in some way, so it may have dyed and is usually also styled by the manufacturers.
Unprocessed hair
Hair used in this wig has not been chemically altered and, are usually made from a finer quality of hair.

How to maintain your hair wig

When you are not using the wig, be sure to place it on a wig stand
Spray detangler and a moisturizing lotion and use a wig brush to brush from ends to roots one section at a time, on a daily basis
How to wash you hair wig

Hair wigs should be washed on average, after youve worn it 8-12 times.To wash hair, place some shampoo specially made for wigs in a basin along with some cold water.
-Place the wig in the basin and swivel it in the same direction to prevent tangling.
-Any build up on the wig can be removed by using a toothbrush.
-Remove the wig, drain the water and refill it with water. Add some conditioner in the basin, add the wig and swivel it in the same direction. You can air dry your wig or use a dryer under low heat. Wrap your hair, making it as flat as possible, follow by securing hair with bobby pins.
-Use a stocking cap to cover and keep the hair in place. The best positions for the bobby pins are above and below the ears, forehead, and the center of the back of your head
-Apply a small amount of glue above the stocking cap. Apply using a small brush or a cotton swab. Allow the glue to dry for about 5-10 minutes. You can also use double stick front wig tape.-Place the wig on your forehead hold it and pull the wig over the cap

How to remove the wig

Place some glue remover on a brush allowing it to soak in. remove the hair pins and take off the wig from back to front. Any left over glue on your face can be removed with glue remover but any residue on the can be removed with acetone