Hair Weave Yaki Hair styles-Black hair weaves(sew in)

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Weekly Care of your yaki hair weave style
*It is usually recommended that you wash your hair weekly but you may also choose to shampoo twice a week instead, to keep your hair looking fresher as you wear your hair weave.
To wash your hair:
Use a shampoo recommend by you stylist or one made specifically for hair weaves
*Massage the shampoo throughout the scalp ,using your fingertips, to stimulate growth.
* Use warm water to get all you hair wet. Rub some of the shampoo between your palms to lather and apply to the hair weave.
*Rinse shampoo thoroughly from scalp and the hair weave with warm water so that residue is properly removed.
*Apply conditioner to both your hair weave and your braids. Wait about 5 minutes then rinse the conditioner from the braids and hair weave with cold water. Cold water closes up the hair shaft which locks in moisture and makes the hair appear shinier.

*Dry your hair weave thoroughly (hooded dryers cause less hair damage than blow dryers so their use is recommended) to prevent you weave from getting a foul smell. use a low-medium setting when drying your hair.

Styling your yaki hair weave daily

*Prevent breakage from dry hair by applying hair oils as needed to your braids underneath the hair weave such as shea butter or carrot oil
*Use thermal protector on your hair, proceed to use a flat iron to straighten and make the yaki hair smoother
*To your yaki hair weave, and any leave out hair you may have use a hair oil moisturiser.
* Seal oils and get a healthy-looking sheen with a shine spray for hair weaves/wigs