Quick hair weave-How to glue in quick black hair weave hairstyles

If you want extensions just for that wedding or any other special function then you may consider quick glue-in extensions a wise option. Let's look at how its done
you will need: hair glue, 1-2 packs of hair, scissors

  • Begin your quick hair weave at the bottom of hair and part hair horizontally, about ¾ -1 inch above the bottom of the hair.
  • Apply hair glue to the part of the thats sewn together

  • Place this directly on the scalp
  • Continue to do this until you have only about an inch of hair at the front. This hair will be left out and be used to cover the weft of the hair

To minimize hair damage quick your glue-in hair weave should only be kept in for a few days
To remove glue apply glue remover or a lubricant such as baby oil
If the tracks of your quick hair weave tracks get wet, they will become loose so glue in extension are not washed just removed after being worn for a few days
Glue in extentions can be done right after relaxing your hair
If your hair needs brushing do so gently, holding down the part of the track which is glued to your scalp, with your hands