Sew -In Hair Weave-Black Hair Growth while wearing your hair weave

Hair typically grows only about a half an inch every month, but using these tips, you can significantly reduce breakage and damage to the hair so you dont have to have it cut and so, retain more of it's length. Black hair is very fragile in nature and prone to breakage due to the presence of coils in the hair. When the hair is chemically treated , it become even more prone to breakage.Even so,

  1. Use a protein treatment monthly or whenever you remove your hair weave to improve hair srength so that less breakage will occur. Deep condition every week, if you can, it significantly improves hair
  2. Oil your hair scalp at least 2 twice weekly and moisturize your hair everyday. If you have oily hair you can moisturize every other day or every few days.
  3. Moisturize hair and place a satin cap over it before heading to bed. Without this, oil from your hair will be absorbed unto your pillow resulting in hair that is dry and more prone to damage. To further prevent the hair drying out, these steps must be followed before using the satin cap, for relaxed hair, ensure hair is wrapped/ roller set for natural hair, braid the hair
  4. Minimize the exposure of your hair to heat. Heat damages your hair,use your appliance on lowest setting if you use heating appliances such as flat iron . When you are going to expose your hair to heat, ensure you use some product which offers protection from heat
  5. If your nutritional intake isn’t right it will show and one of the most noticeable places is your hair. Important vitamins and minerals for hair include vitamin E, panthenoic acid, folic acid,c holine, iodine , zinc, magnesium, biotin. Ensure you’re taking in the RDA especially for the vitamins and minerals. Ensure you consume the recommended daily amount of each of these substance to ensure your hair is healthy.
  6. If you have chemically processed hair reduce the amount of damage caused by the relaxer by allow more time between touch-ups. Instead of every 6-8 weeks you can try to do it about every 8-10 weeks. Note that if you wait longer than 3 months to touch up you run the risk of your hair breaking from the roots
  7. Use a natural-boar bristle brush instead of the cheaper brushed with artificial bristles. the natural-bore bristles, cause less damage to the hair when used.
  8. With wet hair, always use a wide tooth comb as your hair is fragile, this comb will cause less hair damage
  9. Make your hair stronger by using hot oil on your hair before shampooing it
  10. Massage your scalp when you wash your hair, it stimulates blood flow which in turn, stimulates growth

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