Taking care of extension braids and weaves for black women-Black hair weaves& braids

Who wouldn't want longer hair in only a few hours? Extension braids and weaves offer a temporary way to achieve this goal. Extensions have become an especially popular trend in Hollywood recently. It has been in our black community for quite a few years now. It is a good way to take a break from chemical treatments, or maybe just to try out a hairstyle trend still you may not want to commit to for a long time.

Taking care of braids

To take care of braids apply braid sheen spray, preferably one with vitamin and plant oil, to keep hair from becoming dry. Ensure your hair is washed weekly to remove dirt and excess oil which may be present with a shampoo which contain a lot of moisture.To wash hair: Add some warm water to your shampoo and you can add some essential oil (peppermint)if you would like.Mix these and then pour it through your braids , squeeze your braids gently as you move through the length of your hair. Rinse, being careful not to only gently squeeze braids. Apply conditioner to you braids, you can also dilute the conditioner but adding water . You should deep condition your hair every 4 weeks. Rinse and wrap your hair in a towel

Braids can be kept for 8-12 weeks . After two moths ,though, the front hairs should be redone.


Take care of weaves: Use a weave brush to work from ends to roots . To prevent your own hair from becoming dry oil the part between your corn rows every other day. Wash your hair weekly and ensure you keep under the dryer for at least 20 mins to prevent your hair from having a foul smell.

Human vs Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is much cheaper than human hair but is of a lower quality. Still, there are some, which are of very good quality that come very close to seeming like human hair. This type of hair cannot be colored or curled. Like human hair, synthetic hair can be obtained in a variety of styles

Human hair gives a better finish and looks more natural than synthetic hair. Most human hair originates from India and China. Human hair can be curled and colored.

There are different types of hair, both in synthetic and human hair. They may be labeled as:

  • Bulk - hair is not attached to a track, but instead is loose and is commonly used for braiding hair
  • Weft-hair is attached by being sewn together at one edge. the rest of the hair hangs loosely from this point.


  • Yaki hair - very straight hair, bone straight
  • European- straight hair with a small amount of curls
  • Deep Wave- has the look of spiral curls
  • Wet and Wavy-/Spanish Wave/ Indian- Naturally curl, made to have the look of softer curls when dry but much curlier when wet.

Sewn- in vs. Glued in extensions

These two methods are the most popular methods of extension.
Bonding glue is applied onto the weft of the hair extension and then it is attached to your scalp . To get sewn in hair extension, hair if first separated into sections and usually braided into cornrows. Wefts of hair are then sewn into the crown row. This method is longer lasting and causes less hair damage than the glue-in method. Sew-in weaves are usually taken out after about 6 weeks while glue-in weaves are usually taken out after 1-2 weeks. Weave remover or baby oil are, many times, used to take out glued in weave tracks ,while scissors or
razors are used for sewn in weave tracks.

Hair Color
Each weave color has a corresponding color code. Most african american women who haven't coloured their hair before find that the hair colour code 1B blends with their hair. For more weave codes, click here.