The right way to blowdry hair

Lets look at the correct way to blow dry your hair

-If you have straight hair then:
Apply your styling and protecting product to your damp hair to prevent heat damage and to smooth hair.

-You can apply a volumizing spray/ mousse, if you have fine or thin hair or if you want a little more volume.

-Next partially dry your hair with the blow dryer set to to its medium setting.

-Use your fingers to comb through your hair from roots to ends with the blow dryer following behind your fingers. You could also wrap/set your hair and partially dry your hair under a hair drier if you wish.

-Now on to completely drying hair: Separate hair into 1/2 inch sections at a time and use a round brush to wrap roll each section of hair over the brush and work you way from the roots to the tends. The blow dryer should be right behind, following the movement of the brush.

- Aim the nozzle towards the floor to prevent frizzy hair. Start with hair closest to the neck and move to the top of your head.

-Brush hair smooth and use the apply a shine spray .

-If you have curly hair then apply an anti frizz serum as a styling product to towel dried hair after washing, to help keep hair smooth.

-If you have very curl hair the for your styling product you should add some straightening gel . Then follow step. Prevent flyaways with a little wax after you've completed blow drying.