How to shampoo/condition hair when wearing a sew-in hair weave--Black Sew in hair weave

How to shampoo a sew-in weave

When you shampoo hair weaves , it is advisable to use shampoo that is made specifically for weaves or one that does isnt very drying. This is especially important with human hair weaves as they tend to easily become dry after being washed. You may try a shampoo that dosen't strip hair very much, such as Wen , to prevent this. Here are the steps involoved in shampooing weaves:

1. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water

2. Place some shampoo in the palm of your hand and rub them together

3. Apply the shampoo to your own hair and the hair pieces in the case of a partial weave. In the case of the full weave, to the hair pieces

4. Place some shampoo between braided hair located beneath the hair pices. use the tips of your fingers to move in circuar motion to distribute shampoo and effectively clean the scalp.

5. Rinse hair with warm water

How to apply conditioner to a sew-in weave

Apply conditoner in the same places as the shampoo. Rinse with cold water. This is an important step as it helps to replenish moisture


Next you will need to use detangler to prevent the weave from matting,. If you are wearing human hair it is also wise to apply gloss serum to hair before drying. This gives hair some sheen to your hair and counters the dry look your weave is likely to have have .