Hair weave damage-How to treat hair damaged by sew in and quick hair weaves

Dull, limp, thin,weak and wispy. Ever had a hair weave and had to use any of these words to describe your own hair after you took out the weave? Today we are going to show you how to give you lifeless tresses to thicker, stronger and much more beautiful hair. We are gonna look at how to care for hair after taking weave out. First, lets look at some common complaints with wearing hair weaves:

-Thin hair and loss of luster and sheen
-weaker, more brittle strands of own hair
- with a glue-in hair weave, glue comes into contact with you own hair and causes quite a bit of breakage
- with a sew-in hair weave, too many hair pieces have been added, weighing down braids and causing hair breakage

Here’s our intense regiment to get your locks back after taking out the hair weave:

- You don’t have to get your hair cut but have it trimmed to get rid of the split ends

-Do a protein treatment. Your hair strands have become weak and need to be strengthened. Carry out a protein treatment each week until an improvement is seen then you can reduce this to every three to four weeks to maintain hair in good condition. A protein based treatment that can be used is L’oreal Hair Fixer

-Carry out a deep conditioning treatment each week. Apply heat for even better results. It’s usually recommended you apply heat for 10-15 minutes. A good deep conditioner is Motions CPR

-Apply a leave in conditioner each night before putting on your satin cap

-Minimize the amount of heat you use on your hair as much as possible

-Treat you weaker, more brittle strands with extreme care, brush and comb hair only when necessary, try to just use your hands to touch up if your hair gets messy.

-Oil your brush before use and only use brushes with natural fibers.

-You will need to be patient, your hair will not likely change dramatically after a week of the regiment but you will see improvements each week and your hair will eventually look significantly better. The time it takes, however, to reach that point depends on the amount of damage that has been done. The more damage the longer the time it will take

Tips to prevent or at least minimize damage from hair weaves

-When you remove your hair weave, get your split ends cut, if not they will only worsen

-When your hair weave is taken out ensure you hair is deep conditioned, and the right hair product are used before your hair is blow dried or you go under the dryer to protect your hair from the heat

-Oil your scalp at least twice per week

-Don’t wear your hair weaves all the time, take breaks. Try to alternate between wearing hair weaves and your natural hair