How to flat iron hair 3 easy steps

Today we look using a flat iron to give your hair a straight shiny and sleek look.

Flat irons work by breaking down the hydrogen bonds which make hair curly but exposure to moisture will cause them to reform. There are some with ceramic plates and others with metal plates. Ceramic plates, however, cause less hair damage, heat up faster and allow constant temperature unlike metallic plates.

Step 1:
Apply protective or styling products to your dry hair,unless you have a wet/dry iron which can be used on wet hair. This is very important as these products protect the hair from heat damage.


Step 2:
Part hair into 1/2 inch sections and clamp the flat iron as close to the scalp as possible

Step 3:
Slowly pull iron from roots to ends. Next apply some gloss or shine spray. You shouldn't flat iron your hair daily, this is bound to cause your hair to be damaged. Your hair is weakened when its relaxed so if your hair is relaxed, only flat iron your hair weekly and wrap your hair in daily to keep the straight look.