Hair weave techniques-Hair weave techniques information

Hair weaves gives versitility by allowing you to change your hairstyles very often . Not all are created equal, today we give an introduction to some of the most popular options of hair weaving out there .

Hair Pieces
Two types are available for use in hair weave, the weft and bulk. Th weft refers to sewn together at one end either by hand or by machine. Those sew by hand sre less likely to shed but have a greater price than those that are sewn by machine. The bulk hair is loose, it isn’t sewn and is best suited for use in extension braids.There is also full-head weaves and partial hair weaves . With partial hair weaves, at leats an inch or two of your own hair is left out for use in covering any wefts of hair lying below it A full hair weave, on the other hand, hair peices are used to cover the entire hair.

Sew -in Weave- Hair weave technique
One of the most popular ways of weaving hair. Wefted hair pieces are braided into cornrows and then wefts of hair are sew in onto the braids using a hair needle and thread. It is less damaging to the hair than the glue-in technique. Usually 1-2 packs of hair are required for this type of weaving and can take a few hours to be completed but can last about 8-12 weeks. Hair may become thin, brittle and damaged from doing sew-in weaves to improve the look, see a For further instruction on how to sew-in weave out this technique, sew-in hair weave, how to take care of your weaves.

Glue-in Weaves (using wefts) Hair weave technique-
Your hair is parted in the weave style, and glue is applied to the sewn portion of hair pieces (wefts) and then placed on the scalp between the sections which are parted. Glue-in weaves aren't usually kept in for more than a few days as it tends to cause breakage to the hair. For a more natural look, only a partial weave is recommended for this type of weaving.

Malaysian Weave Hair weave techniques
Hair is partedand the wefts are individualy sewn onto the clients own hair. The clients own hair will be left out above and below this weft which allows it to be covered.

Fusion hair weave techniques
Hair strands are bonded to hair with a waxy bonding material, using a special heat appliance.