How to treat hair damaged by sew in hair weaves braids

The most common causes of hair damage braids done when you have a sew in weave hairstyle include:
-Having braids in the hair too long, that is greater than 3 months which results in hair becoming weak and thin
-Having hair braided too tightly
-Having hair braided too quickly after applying a relaxer, that is, less than two weeks after relaxing your hair
-Too much bulk hair is added to your own hair. When this happens the great weight of the bulk hair causes your own hair to become weak and damaged
Now to counteract this damage and get back on the road to having healthy hair, follow these tips after taking out the braids:
-Deep condition your hair every week, ensuring you keep the conditioner in your hair for at least 20 minutes. For greater benefits, cover you hair with a plastic cap after putting in the conditioner and then heat your hair under a dryer for the specified 20 minutes.
- Use a protein treatment every month. Ensure you follow this with a moisturising treatment to soften the hair
-Use a temple and nape hair growth treatments such as those present in the Organic root stimulator and Dr. miracle hair care line, if you are especially seeing hair loss/damage in these areas
-Apply leave in conditioner and some vitamin E on the ends if your hair seems very dry and wrap hair with a satin scarf before bed
-Ensure you get vitamins and minerals need for healthy hair growth by taking hair vitamins or ensure you have a balanced diet daily.