Quick hair weave vs. Sew in hair weave-Black Hair weave

Major dfferrences between glue in and sew in hair weaves :

Hair Damage:

Glue in hair weaves will damage hair much more than a sew in hair weave. Damage to the hair when wearing sew in hair weaves comes from wearing it for a a long time (many months) without break, and so you aren't able to take adequent care of your own hair. Glue tends to get caught in your own hair and makes the hair become matted together. There is always some hair loss that goes along with removal of glue from the hair. The longer you keep the glue-in hair weave in and also the more often you get this hair weave done, the more damage will be caused
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Time of application
Glue in hair weaves take a much shorter period to be applied to your scalp than get a sew-in hair weave done. It may take a few hours for a sew-in hair weave to be done properly.
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Time they can be worn
Glue-in hair weaves should only be worn for a few days while sew inhair weaves can be worn for up to a few months before tracks start to become loose.