Deep Conditioning Treatment after taking out sew in hair weave

Deep conditioning corrects damage to hair caused by various factors such as over processing and heat. You will lose less hair to breakage and so you are able to keep your hair length and so gain longer hair. Deep conditioner usually aim to give the hair both moisture and protein but some contain products which give only one of these. Protein treatments straighten and thicken hair strands while moisture treatments helps to improve dry, brittle hair.

How to deep condition your hair:

*Shampoo hair- this is to remove any build up which may interfere with the ability of the deep conditioner to condition the hair. Your hair should be shampooed only once or twice to prevent your hair from stripping .

* Place a deep conditioner throughout the hair and place a steam cap or a plastic cap and a hooded dryer to supply heat to the hair for 20 -60 minutes. Heat is necessary as it allows the conditioner to penetrate the hair cortex and so gain greater benefits.

*Use a detangling comb to untangle hair then wash out the deep conditioner from the hair

*Style your hair as you would like