Co Washing for Longer Hair

Shampoo robs hair of precious moisture, cowashing helps to overcome this problem. Conditioners are used to remove any dirt or other build-up from the hair instead of shampoo. This prevents the hair from becoming dry and also helps it as it becomes less proned to breakage. Inexpensive conditioners are normally used for this purpose.

How to Co-Wash Hair

*Saturate hair with warm water to open up the pores

*Place some conditioner of choice in the palm of you hand, mixed with a bit of water and then distrubute this throughout your hair

* After distibution, rinse your hair with cold water to close the cuticle and help to add shine


*If your hair seems flat, you may need to use a chelating shampoo every four weeks to remove any product build up you may have

* Cowashing is more gentle on the hair than shampooing so its fairly common like to co-wash a few times a week