Are you using the right shampoo?

All shampoos are not made equal. You need to be aware of the various types so you can choose the one thats really right for you. Today we delve a little deeper into the types of shampoos and conditioners available so you can choose the right one for your hair.

What is shampoo?

Shampoos remove the oil, dirt and other particles which may build up on the hair. The shampoo should remove the unwanted residue from the hair but, ideally, shouldn't remove the hairs natural oils (sebum) nor should it hurt the scalp.

Types of shampoo:

Clarifying - deep cleans the hair by removing buildup from the hair shaft. A common ingredient in these shampoos is acetic acid. Different types of clarifying shampoos are created for different hair needs. For example there one shampoo specifically made to remove chlorine build up in your hair.

Dandruff- specialized shampoo which loosen dry and oily flakes from the scalp. A person with dry flakes will need a different shampoo than a person with oily flakes.

Mild- designed to gently cleanse hair without removing the hairs natural oils. These are good for hair that has been relaxed or colored. Like claryifing shampoos, different shampoos are made for each hair type.

Dry - powdered shampoos which work without the addition of water. The powder is brushed throughout the hair. Powders such as starch, are added which absorb excess oil from the hair.

Correct way to shampoo your hair
Wet hair and pour some shampoo on the palm and then place in your hair. Gently massage scalp with the tips of your fingers and slowly move in a circular motion, so that shampoo is spread all over the scalp. Rinse the shampoo out of the hair with warm water. Repeat if desired then follow with conditioner.

Its basically a product designed to improve the apprearance and texture of your hair.

Types of conditioners

Impart moisture to dry, luckluster hair by using substances called humectants. These simply are compounds that attract and hold moisture into the hair.

Reconstructers are protein enriched conditioners. They are infused with protein to replace protein that is lost over time in your hair. This results in an increase in hair strength. These treatments may dry the hair so if your hair is very dry this product isnt suitable for use.

Deep conditioner
These contain increased levels of moisture and protiens. They are usually applied to hair for about 15 mins, if heat is applied, or 30 mins if done at room temperature.

As the name implies, these products are acidic in nature. They have a low pH and close the cuticle of the hair which helps to detangle, create shine and elasticity. Products of this nature include conditioners which are made for detangling and volumizing hair.

Thermal protectors
These contain heat absorbing polymers which protect hair from heat damaged usually caused from use of equipment that expose hair to high heat, such as blowdryers.

How to apply conditioner
Conditioner is applied in the same manner as described for shampoo above