How to take care of your hair while wearing a hair weave-black sew in hair weaves

Taking care of the hair underneath your hair weave
Moisturising your own, natural hair is very important so that you will prevent hair breakage
So you need to add moisturiser to both the scalp and braids as needed . Some good moisturisers are shea butter, jojoba oil and olive oil.The Elasta Q mango butter and Organic Root stimulator Carrot oil are also good products for this purpose. Apply your chosen moisturiser to your scalp. You can also massage your scalp to stimulate growth.

*Your hair needs to be washed to remove oil and debris from the scalp, which will make it harder for the oils to reach the scalp.
*Apply shampoo between the tracks of your hair weave, massage the scalp rinse with warm water. Next apply the conditioner.
*Apply between the tracks of the hair weave and rinse thoroughly with cold water.
*Follow up by spraying some leave in conditioner between the tracks. Use a hooded dryer to dry the hair on the low-medium setting .
*Ensure your hair is completely dry to prevent a foul smell from being developed.
How to take care of hair that left out of and open (partial) hair weave
*Prevent breakage from dry hair by applying hair oils as needed to your braids underneath the hair weave . Oils such as Shea butter and Carrot Oil.
*Apply shampoo and conditioner as indicated in the section above. Remember to apply leave in to your hair that is left out after shampooing and conditioning.

Taking Care of the hair that's left out (open weave)