How to do a full sew-in curly hair weave with closure piece-Black Sew In Weave Hairstyles

1. Wash your hair and condition it,( to prevent/lessen any hair damage you can also do a deep condition) then dry using a blow dryer/ hooded dryer

2. Part your hair 1-2 inches from the hairline in a circle. Clip the rest of the hair so it wont get into the way

3. Inside of that circle part another 1-2 inches of hair and continue with this pattern until you have sewn all of your hair . For the last cornrow, leave an opening for about 1" in the middle

4. Measure the hair track length needed by placing it along the corn row that is at the nape of the neck, cut the length needed to cover the track

5. Thread a curved hair needle with thread close to the colour of your hair weave and sew the hair . Knot the end of the thread

6. To sew in the track, place the weft(the sewn part of the hair piece) on top of the braid and push the needle below the weft and into the braid (be careful NOT to hit the scalp). About a half an inch from that point, push the needle up the braid and weft. Continue to do this until all of the braids are have hair pieces sew in.

7. To complete your sewing of the curly hair weave you will need to make a closure piece for the top of the head. This can be done by roling l a track into a circle like a cinammon roll then sew the base together using a sewing needle with a knotted hair thread

8. Place this in the 1 inch opeining of your hair weave and either place glue around the sewn portion of the track. at the base or sew it completely around

Here's a video which shows how to sew-in a curly hair weave: