Detangling and Blow Drying Natural Hair

Black hair is especially prone to breakge . The point at which hair coils tends to be thinner and so the more coils in the hair the greater the potential for hair breakage. For us to decrease the chance of breakage, it is important that we employ proper techniques in dealing with our hair. Today we will cover the right way to detangle and blowdry our natural, curly, black hair.

How to Detangle Natural Hair

You will need: A detangling comb and spray

*Divide the hair into four sections and clip away three of the sections

*Start with the section that is left unclipped, divide this section even further to a size that can be held in the middle of your hands

* Spray some detangling hair product of choice on the section

*Use a detangling comb to work your way from the hair ends towards the root

*Repeat the last step with the rest of that section of the hair, plait it to prevent moisture loss. Detangle the other 3 clipped sections of the hair in a similar fashion.

Blow drying your Natural Hair

You will need: A blowdryer with a comb attatchment, heat protecting /product

*Take a section of hair that is abut 2 inches wide and about an inch in thickness and clip away the rest of hair to prevent it drying out

*Add a hair product to the hair that is designed to protect your hair from the heat and if you like, temporarily straightens the hair, like Soft Sheen Carson Lets Jam Heat Styles Smoothing Balm.