Black hairstyles-How to wrap and roller set relaxed hair

How to wrap relaxed hair
You will need: A comb, silk wrap, oil sheen, brush

Create a part about 2 inches at the front of the head, you can place it in th middle or you could have a slanted on more towards the sides of your head. Start at the part the use a comb to wrap your hair in one direction. Try to wrap the hair in a circle around the head, similar to the picture below. Brush to smooth any fly aways or hair that may have been missed.

How to Roller Set relaxed hair

You will need: tail comb, roller set, water in a spray bottle, styling product

Apply styling product evenly, throughout hair. Part hair in three vertical sections. the right, left and middle part. Focusing on one section at a time part horizontal sections one inch in thickness and roll the end of the hair under the rollers and roll down to the roots. secure with roller cover.

If the other sections of hair become dry before it is placed in rollers spray some water to get it wet. If you dont do this your hair will look frizzy when it becomes dry.