Black hairstyles-How to rope twist hair

1. Begin at the bottom of hair and part hair horizontally, about ¾ -1 inch above the bottom of the hair.

2. Apply some beeswax to this section (from the root of the hair down) so that the hair style will last for a longer time

3. Divide this hair into two equal size strands, twist these individual pieces in the same direction, so lets choose to twist towards the right (that is, in clockwise direction). Ensure both strands are twisted in this direction at the same time.

4. Place the right strand over the left

5. Twist the next unbraided section of the hair towards the right, then place the right strand over the left. Continue until you get to the end of that row then part a new section as described in step 1 and follow all the steps to step 5. Continue until the entire hair is finished