How to flat iron your hair weave-Black hair weave

*Choosing a flat iron: The most popular options of flat irons either have ceramic plates or metal plates. Ceramic plates, however, cause less hair damage, which will allow your hair weave to last longer and cause less damage to your own hair in the case of a partial hair weave

*Most flat irons are to be only on dry hair , unless you have a wet/dry flat iron which can also be used on wet hair. So if you have a regular flat iron ensure you hair weave is dry before using the flat iron

* Apply protective or styling products such as a anti frizz serum to allow your hair weave to look much smoother and shinier.

*Choose a 1/2 inch section of hair in and clamp the flat iron as close to the scalp as possible

* Pull the clamped flat iron from hair directly beneath the the sewn portion of the hair piece of the hair weave to the hair end.

*Repeat thelast step for the reat of the hair weave and if you have a partialhair weave, flat iron your own hair also

*Next apply some gloss or shine spray.